Basket Girl Mission Kid

Basket Girl

12 x 16 Watercolor

Original is Available


One of my earliest works, “Basket Girl”, is another member of the Mission Kid family of paintings. My first inspirations of paintings were based on the emotions I battled during my time spent in the mission field. Some of the children and older members of this grouping are real, some imagined, all with a message of need and want. I hope that they speak to your heart as they have to mine.

Basket Girl is a watercolor painting included in my series entitled “Mission Kids” along with UntitledBaby Girl and Child Bride.

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Basket Girl, Watercolor Original

5 x 7 Print $7

8 x 10 Print $13

11 x 14 Print $27

12 x 18 “Limited Edition” Print $45

5 x 7 Notecard w/envelope $4.50

5 x 7 Notecard Set (set of 4 cards & envelopes) 4/$13.50


100% of the proceeds received through your purchase go directly to my favorite non-profit ministry

Salt Mountain Pastoral Retreat


Basket Girl Mission Kid