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This is my nephew, Cooper. He is an easy going, happy and loving little boy (no bias of course). The photographer certainly captured his charm. I wanted to capture his spirit. My intention was not to create a photographic representation of Cooper, the camera’s lens already did that. I wanted to create a piece of art that was easily recognizable as Cooper, by anyone who knows and loves him. Especially his Nana and Papa. I am pleased with the result of my effort. A charming little boy, delighted to live on paper forever.

I am always glad to visit with clients about their desired result in a commissioned piece of art. I try to envision what they have in mind and get as close as I can to that interpretation. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, you can contact me here.

The original work now proudly hangs in Cooper’s Dad’s house.

Commissioned Watercolor Artist
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100% of the proceeds received through your purchase go directly to my favorite non-profit ministry

Salt Mountain Pastoral Retreat


Commissioned Watercolor Artist

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