emotional equine art horse portrait

Do You See Me?

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This painting began as a value study, all black and white with lesser values in grey. At some point the brush just kind of took control and I submitted to its leading. This is what we as artists call being in “the zone”. Our best work is often produced while we visit this place. Every one of us wish we could just set the zone as a daily destination, but for most of us, it’s more like a too short vacation spot. Never-the-less, I try to get there whenever I can.

I am pleased with the emotion this equine portrait invokes in almost every viewer. It’s nearly monochromic palette leads you right into the loneliness of this horses’ being. To be sure you knew where I wanted you to look, I added the amber hint of color to the eye near the end of my work on the piece. I wanted to draw you right into heart of what I feel is one of my best productions of equine art.

The original work, by Teresa Wade, resides in the collection of Ms. Jessica DeBoard; archival quality giclée prints are available on heavy watercolor paper in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

* all prices include waterproof, protective packaging, shipping and handling

** custom print sizing is available here

5 x 7 Print $7

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12 x 18 “Limited Edition” Print $45

5 x 7 Notecard w/envelope $4.50

5 x 7 Notecard Set (set of 4 cards & envelopes) 4/$13.50


100% of the proceeds received through your purchase go directly to my favorite non-profit ministry

Salt Mountain Pastoral Retreat



emotional equine art horse portrait