I consider myself a “mission minded” painter. I have no formal training or schooling that involves a brush. I can’t simply sit down and paint, at least not anything you would want to hang on your wall. I have to wait until I am moved by something, or someone. Each painting I prayerfully pour myself into usually tells a story. I often give away what was on my heart at the time, by the title I give it and the moodiness of the colors used.

I became inspired to paint when I was seeking a way to raise funds for a pastor’s ministry that my husband and I are actively involved in. It wasn’t a complicated inspiration, quite simple really — I just offered my hands in service. I prayed that if God would gift my hands and enable me to produce a work someone might want, I would give all the funds generated to Him. 100% of the proceeds received through your purchase of these paintings and prints go directly to the ministry, Salt Mountain.

Anything I feel worthy of making available for sale, in my mind, is a gift. It is my way of giving back to those who spend their whole life serving others. My paintings have become a very personal way that I serve broken Pastors and their families. They are the whole reason I paint. When I finish a painting, I am ever amazed that it came from my hand. I am quite sure that I am not the true author of any of them. I am just the girl who held the brush and the vessel used to tell the story.

Following Him,

Teresa Wade


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Artist’s Affiliations

Idaho Watercolor Society

Northwest Watercolor Society

Southwest Watercolor Society


2016 Grand Class, Judges Choice and Overall Champion – Lemhi County Fair “Dusk”

2016 Grand Class Champion — Lemhi County Fair “Just Like Dad”


2017 Colorado Horse Council — 8th Annual Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Equine Art in the Park Show “The Reach”

2015 Arts Council of Southeast Missouri — Wild Things Exhibition “Lovin’ Life”

2014 Idaho Watercolor Society — 35th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition “Winterfrost”

Gallery Representations

Purple Easel Gallery — Salmon, Idaho

Lemhi Gallery — Lemhi, Idaho