Equine Horse Watercolor Portrait Painting


12 x 14 Watercolor


Original is Available


This is my horse Jasper painted in the color that I think best describes his personality. He has a crazy mane like that and even though he’s not blue, it does look quite a bit like him. He is a horse who lacks confidence and is more prone to the “flight” instinct of the equine than the “fight”. You could say he has a spirit of gentle fright and requires I not be a passenger in his saddle. While he stretches my horsemanship skills, painting the horse sharpens my craft as an artist. I wrestle with the equine subject more than any other model.  Trying to portray their incredible power, in two dimensional form, I find incredibly challenging.

Next to fly fishing lures (which are much easier) the horse is my favorite subject for commissioned work. I am always glad to visit with clients about their discipline and companions as I  try to envision what they have in mind. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, you can contact me here.

* all prices include waterproof, protective packaging, shipping and handling

** custom print sizing is available here

Jasper, #11-0628 Watercolor Original

5 x 7 Print $7

8 x 10 Print $13

11 x 14 Print $27

12 x 18 “Limited Edition” Print $45

5 x 7 Notecard w/envelope $4.50

5 x 7 Notecard Set (set of 4 cards & envelopes) 4/$13.50


100% of the proceeds received through your purchase go directly to my favorite non-profit ministry

Salt Mountain Pastoral Retreat



Equine Horse Watercolor Portrait Painting

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