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The Lord Is There

12 x 16 Watercolor

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This colorful and spiritual work was inspired by the scripture found in Ezekiel 48:35 and a poem authored by Ms. Margaret Elaine Harlan of Dallas, Texas. I have sought her out, at length, trying to contact her to obtain permission to quote her work here. But she eludes me. If you are Ms. Harlan please forgive my haste in posting your poem. It is so lovely it must be shared and is the core of the emotion I put into this painting. I hope you feel it a fitting illustration of His presence as portrayed in your heartfelt words.

“And the name of the city from that time on will be THE LORD IS THERE!”


One of the names of the Lord our God,

Which speaks of His love and His care,

Is called in the Hebrew — “Jehovah-Shammah”

And it means that “The Lord is there.”

In your hours of sorrow and your times of grief,

When your soul seems so filled with despair,

Reflect on the words of “Jehovah-Shammah”

And know in your heart — “He is there.”

When you’re flat on your back or you’re suffering pain

And you’re feeling that life is not fair,

Start counting your blessings from “Jehovah-Shammah”;

Just think on His love — “He is there.”

When your plans go awry or your dreams fall apart,

When your burdens are heavy to bear,

Lean hard on the promise of “Jehovah-Shammah”;

You are never alone — “He is there.”

When the devil’s temptations press hard on your soul,

And he deviously seeks to ensnare,

Run quickly to Jesus, your “Jehovah-Shammah”;

Then your battle is won — “He is there.”

When your heart overflows with thanksgiving and praise,

And you pour out your love in your prayer,

There’s rejoicing in heaven by “Jehovah-Shammah”;

For He hears and we know — “He is there.”

— Margaret Elaine Harlan

Ms. Harlan wrote this poem after attending a session taught on Ezekiel 48, capturing the spirit and message of the chapter.

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 Jehovah Shammah Faith Based Art

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