Watercolor Painting Wolf Hunting


11 x 15 Watercolor Original


We have several wolf packs in the area where I live. The activists love them, the two-legged hunters and ranchers — not so much. These expert and cunning trackers are having a dramatic effect on what used to be large deer and elk herds in our region. In this high key painting I tried to capture the manner in which the wolf hunts, the seriousness, focus and intensity. Notice the delicate footprints of his prey in the snow? And the contrasting stalker’s single minded, threatening gaze? I’ve never met one of these skilled, fearless canines up close or seen one in action, but I’ve heard the tales. I hope I have told the manner of the wolf as well here with my brush, as they do around the early morning coffee cups in town.

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100% of the proceeds received through your purchase go directly to my favorite non-profit ministry

Salt Mountain Pastoral Retreat



Watercolor Painting Wolf Hunting

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