Untitled Mission Kid


12 x 16 Watercolor Crayon

Original is Available


Many of my works are based on my own emotion of heart when I encountered a place, an individual or their story. This unique piece is dramatically depicted on black watercolor paper in watercolor crayon. I chose this media because I wanted to enforce the drama and history of the place. The minimally crafted face of the african american tribal child speaks of serious, watchful study. Children of this culture are so often forced to grow up far too soon and deprived of their childhood innocence. The image of this child affected me so much that I could not give the painting a name, so I have left it “Untitled”. I hope your own emotion will invoke in you what the child is seeing, drawing you into that same world.

Untitled is a watercolor painting included in my series entitled “Mission Kids” along with Child BrideBaby Girl and Basket Girl.

* all prices include waterproof, protective packaging, shipping and handling

Untitled, Watercolor Original


100% of the proceeds received through your purchase go directly to my favorite non-profit ministry

Salt Mountain Pastoral Retreat



Untitled Mission Kid