Young Yearling Horse Watercolor Painting

Whimsical Drama

12 x 16 Watercolor Original*



Not yet aware of their power and strength, the young equine is the picture of “whimsical drama”. For the yearling most everything is new and scary, yet curious and attractive. In this work I have tried to portray that spryness and sense of anticipation. With the chaos of the mane and tail, the obvious mid-step turn and the turbulent background, my desire was to project movement and action. I wanted the viewer to feel the need to sense the subject’s start and next step, as if in motion. My goal was that of every artist, to stir the imagination.

“Whimsical Drama” is painted as part of a grouping of works with consistency of both color palette and subject along with The Reach.

* no prints have been made of this piece, it is an exclusive

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Whimsical Drama, Watercolor Original


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Young Yearling Horse Watercolor Painting